3D Graphics and Vyas

3D Graphics Breakthrough

I believe one of the outstanding breakthroughs in 3D graphics was the invention of texture mapping. Credited to Ed Catmull, texture mapping or UV mapping allowed animators to assign images and textures to their model. Such an advance took 3D graphics from having basic detail to the graphic masterpieces they are today.By making it possible to anchor a 2D image to a 3D model the details and quality of conventional art became possible via translation to 3D media.

Component Examples (Day, 2015)

Base Model.


UV Map.

Chest_Texture for blog

Texture created over UV template.

3D Model

Model with texture applied.

The above image are a sequence of images takes of the process of texturing a model I have created that demonstrate what Catmull has made possible on a basic level. The general process he invented takes a 3D model and creates a 2D map of it allowing the texture to be applied and consequently shown on the model.

Steven Vyas

Steven is a freelance animator who has created the following small animation.


A Still from an animation created by Steven Vyas

A Still from an animation created by Steven Vyas

I find this simple fighting animation loop quite inspiring for the simple fact that it is something created to quite a good quality by one person with great choreography and vision. It gives me hope that one day I will be able to also visually express my ideas in more than still frame images.

In this short animation Steven used models supplied by valve, created the animation rigs and animated the scene himself. Additionally he also put in the particle effects and animated those.

Although this is just a short looping animation, it was animated solo. After learning to model properly myself I feel that one day I too can create my own imagination as animation. This short shows me that you don’t need a big company to create, just passion and practice.


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