MDU115.3 – Pre-production Research

So for our next assignment 115.3, we have to create a hard surface model, a list of pre-approved design ideas was distributed to us, from that list I decided to model a sword. The base design I went for was a katana as one of my concept ideas I have on the side is a sword wielding character, so I decided to model his sword.  The concept art below is my design, below that is reference to the original shape of the sword design.

Concept art by James Day (2015)

Concept art by James Day (2015)

Katana Reference Image (Swords of the East, 2015)

Katana Reference Image (Swords of the East, 2015)

With this design in mind, the brief requires that the model be made within real time rendering limits of the platform we intend for their use as it is to be used as an in game model. I decided to create my sword for use in a game intended for the Playstation 4, the hardware capabilities of the platform allow the model to be detailed without hindering the game play performance. According to several sources and other found information the PS4 is able to handle significant amounts of polygons to be rendered in real-time, some weapons in current generation consoles are reputed to be around 2000 triangles, whilst some character models are up to 100,000 triangles.

With this in mind I can begin to construct my model.

James Day – 1002467

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