CIU111 – Week 2 Reflection


The week two lecture for CIU111 was titled “How are we the same?”, speaking about the similarities between various new media disciplines. In essence the lecture speaks of key qualities and traits shared between animators, game developers, audio engineers and other new media careers. These key traits can be separated into the traits relating to the person and the traits relating to the profession. Personal qualities found to be similar across the disciplines are entrepreneurism (not necessarily to want to create a professional empire but simply to have a desire to put your ideas out there) and a passionate and determined attitude. Career traits for the new media industries include project based employment leading to precarious work situations, low pay and long hours as you tend to get paid by the project rather than a salary in most circumstances, additionally new media disciplines require those building a career to maintain a current knowledge of industry tools and standards often resulting in a lot of self driven up-skilling.

From the lecture I understand that creating a career and a way of life from creative industries will require a lot of work and dedication to furthering my own learning and pursuing opportunities more so than letting them come to me. The lifestyle of a creative at work will be tough but the joy of working with what you love and the sense of achievement and accomplishment when you bring an idea to live is fulfilling.

I found it interesting that entrepreneurism is a general trait of the industry. When considering the idea I tend to associate entrepreneurism with the idea of building a commercial empire rather than the underlying and driving force of the concept which is a desire to see your ideas put out there and for them to succeed. I feel that it’s a valuable trait that is perhaps overlooked too often by employers as a strong feature of a possible candidate for a position.


From my experience and the notions of the industry I had, the idea of having unsteady/uncertain pay is daunting, particularly as the career path I was pursuing before this (engineering) would have been very stable. As with all things however, there are two side to every coin. The flip side of this dubious work/pay situation is that you are almost guaranteed to love what you do as the driving force of pursuing a career in creative industries is passion and desire to create, offsetting worries of uncertainty with the fact that if you love your work, you will never work a day in your life.

Following this, is that having this attitude and love for my work will reduce the impact of long hours on my work/life balance. Between passion for work and a supportive partner in life, the sky is the limit. I feel the lecture took a lot of time and effort to point out that the future in the industry is uncertain and difficult, but I think that for me it opens up so many doors. I have ideas I want to bring to life and this industry will give me the tools and skills to do so while also being able to help others do the same.

Naive? Idealistic?.. Maybe.. But then again, its also passion and desire.


The significant points of this lecture are that to succeed in creative industries you must have certain qualities and that the industry itself is difficult to succeed in.

First, succeeding in creative industries as a creative requires you to have all of the strengths of a creative and to offset their weaknesses with commitment, dedication, a thick skin and a desire to succeed. Second, the industry is one based on contract work, thus, when there’s work, there’s work, when there’s not, well better be OK with scrubbing floors. Its the nature of industries built on creation (construction and new media alike), as long as someone is creating you will have work but when others aren’t, you will have to find income elsewhere and do the creating yourself as part of a side project of your own.

I feel that I have covered professional issues involved with this topic quite extensively above and there are no social or ethical issues with the content and ideas within the lecture.

As a summary, there are two sides to this. First that the industry is tough and that you may not always have the best jobs and second that you can make the most of that and that you will always be working on something you love.


The take away message of this lecture is, in essence: Creative industries are not for everyone, they are difficult to get in to and no easier once there, but if you have passion for your career, determination to create and commitment to yourself and your work than you can find real joy in your professional life.

From this I have gained a new understanding of what I am trying to get into. It’s easy to fall into the misconception that its an easy industry but this lecture has shone a light on the negative side of the industry thus illuminating the need for determination and commitment.

Additional Resources

Here are some other articles and resources I found interesting relating to this topic.

This article talks about common traits in successful creative women. I think however the traits can extend to male creatives too.

This article talks about how designers have traits that help them succeed and how those traits can be taken and expanded to include other creative practices.

By James Day – 1002467


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