Studio 1 Development Blog 1

Welcome to my Studio 1 Development blog series wherein I plan to regularly record and update my progress on current projects I am undertaking both within Studio 1 and in my own time to develop my skills. I intend to keep this relatively informal to make the blogging process less painful for me and less dry for you. So without further adieu…

Currently as part of Studio 1 I am working on 2 projects, the first is the Rapid Reboot Project and the second is a character design project. Both are group projects, Reboot also has us working with Studio 2 and 3 students who are acting as our leads/coordinators.

I’ll start with my work on the Reboot project. Our task is to create a title sequence for a TV series that is to be a reboot of an older movie. The title sequence is to be done in the style of a different series. Through the mighty process of randomisation our team were assigned the movie ‘The Good, The Bad, The Ugly’, and old but iconic western and our final product is to be done in the style of a fan made The Walking Dead title sequence, for those of you who are interested it can be found here. Within the group I was allocated to develop 2D assets for the production focusing on the environment. Below are some assets I have created so far.Environment Assets 1

2D Assets

Additionally for this project I have also had to learn Adobe After Effects which has been a good experience, so far it appears to be a powerful program which will allow me to produce much higher quality showreels in conjunction with other software. I am looking forward to having some spare time to work on some of my own projects with the skills I am gaining from these projects.

The second project I am working on for Studio 1 is a character design project. Our task is to create a new cast of characters for a spin-off mobile game for an existing universe. We were lucky enough to get Pokemon as our world. As a group we decided to each create one trainer and one starter pokemon between us all. This left me with the fire starter. Somehow we decided on an Australia-esque region to set our game in leading me to decide on having an emu as my base inspiration for my fire pokemon. Below is the first iteration of this design with more to follow as I receive more feedback from my group and facilitators. Fimu

My current plan is to incorporate the feedback that I have received from my group into the next iteration with a cleaner concept. In class the other day we were told to focus more on creating a visually appealing character and not to stress to much about how we will translate that into a 3D model. Easier said than done I say, so many problems can arise and design choices need to be made, i.e. how do I model the fire? As a solid? A particle  effect? These are questions that I have to think about now.

Addition work I am doing outside these projects includes expanding my knowledge of Photoshop and After Effects and developing concepts for my side projects. I would like to spend some time expanding my skills in 3D Modelling but at present time I more tightly limited than I would like.

Till next time…


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