Studio 1 Development Blog 6

Today we are going to focus on gathering and analysing reference for animating “Norman” through our obstacle course as part of the Studio 1 animation project. The focus of the project is to create believable and accurate movement and body mechanics during animation. To allow us to hone in on perfecting the movement of our characters we were supplied both the course and the character to be animated. We were then to choose an iconic movement style (from a list or other that was approved by our facilitator). I have chosen the movement style depicted in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Below are some links to reference footage.

Gameplay Footage:

Live action adaptations:

From the reference footage it is clear that the movement style in Assassin’s Creed is very exaggerated. The arm swings are large when running, hip movements are noticeable. When climbing and jumping it is very one action at a time, smooth but separate. Can jump quite long distances.

I am finding it quite difficult to put the exact movement style into words but I feel that I have a good grasp of how it will translate into my animation sequence.

‘Till next time.


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