Studio 1 Development Blog 8

This blog is all about my current workflow when creating and texturing a model.

WARNING – Mild Dryness

The programs I use are 3DS Max, Mudbox and Photoshop.

The first stage of my current workflow is to create a base mesh in Max. I try to keep my polycount fairly low in this phase, adding only enough geometry to get the shape I want. I try to maintain a good balance between detail and polygon efficiency.

After I am happy with the mesh I reset the xforms and begin UV unwrapping my model. When possible I overlay parts of my UV map for symmetry and to increase the efficiency of the use of UV space. It is important that I have some space between the different UV’s to avoid texture bleeding and that the UV’s maintain scale proportionate to each other to maintain even level of detail across the model. The exception to this is if there is an area in which you want to be higher detail (e.g. the face).

Having satisfactorily mapped the model into UV space I then export my model as an OBJ for use in Mudbox. The model is imported to Mudbox for 3D painting. I utilize the 3D painting capabilities of Mudbox for texturing as it allows me to paint directly onto the model rather than having to work around a UV map in 2D space. Additionally it allows me to paint on multiple paint layers directly into different channels (e.g. diffuse, bump, spec colour, opacity, ect.).

I can then take the texture files produced by Mudbox 3D painting into Photoshop for additional editing. This includes processes such as texture baking for ambient occlusion maps.

The completed textures are then applied to a shader in Max and then applied to my model.

That is the current workflow I follow when creating and texturing a 3D model.

‘Till next time.


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