Studio 1 Development Blog 12

Today we are going to talk about the project management methodologies used in the projects thus far and the technical frameworks that have been used and the frameworks I have implemented to assist with the production process.

The projects we have had thus far have been the Rapid Reboot project and the character design project, additionally I am also involved with a studio 1 games project as the lead animator.

On the rapid reboot project we used a modified scrum project management methodology. At each stage of production my “lead” would tell me what needed to be done and by when, I would tell them what I had done and what I was doing as I worked through the backlog of delegated work. It was an effective way to manage the particular project as it allowed the leads to delegate tasks to those they thought most fit for the job and also it allowed tasks to be redistributed as necessary to maintain momentum throughout the production process.

Within the character development project our team used a modified waterfall methodology wherein we completed each phase of production before moving on to the next. Each team member followed a similar yet separate waterfall allowing us to progress at our own pace. At the end of each phase we reflected on and received feedback about the completed work and any suggested adjustments before the next phase was started. I think it was an effective way for the project to be manage as it allowed for individual work within a team environment. We were able to do our own work to the specified brief and the parameters set by the group and help each other’s development at key stages of production.

For the games project I am a part of we are employing a scrum methodology wherein the game’s developers assign tasks to the animators each meeting to be completed before the required time. For the project I feel it is an appropriate methodology to employ as it allows us to complete tasks in a timely manner and allows the games students to ensure the most pressing tasks are the ones being worked on.

Additionally as part of the games project I am the lead animator and as such I have set up a slack channel to allow for easy communication between the animators, myself and our facilitator Chris. Through this framework I have specified a naming convention for our files to ensure version control is adequate and that the correct files are being handed over.

On top of this throughout the projects slack has been an integral framework used to maintain effective communication between team members. Google drive has been used to share work and files between group members and gmail has also been employed for communication purposes.

By the fact that these frameworks have been employed, used and maintained throughout a range of projects and across such diverse and varied group it can be ascertained that they are an effective means of communication and asset sharing that promotes and streamlines the parallel workflow pipelines used within the projects.

Thank you and as always.

Till next time.


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