Studio 1 Development Blog 16

Some more cross disciplinary project work and talking about that some more. I’ll start with some pictures to grab your attention.

These are all of the 2D textures I have made for the eyes for the My Pet Sandwich project. The ones with the grey background are the diffuse textures, the black and white ones are the opacity maps. These assets are to be combined to create the eyes for the sandwich. They eyes are a simple plane with a material applied to them to allow for some customisation of the character and some expression of emotion without being taxing on resources. Below you can see the finished product of combining the two textures. Eye's demo.PNG

On the left you can see the light grey plane. That is the base object. Apply the diffuse texture and you get the 2nd plane. Apply the opacity map and you get cut-out eyes.

Between all of the eyes, the plates, bowls, table and kitchen knife, along with coordinating the other animators involved in the My Pet Sandwich project I believe I have collaborated well with the other disciplines and the games students at SAE.

Thank you for sticking with me through this and the 15 preceding Development Blogs through the semester.

Till next time.


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