Studio 2 Development Blog 1

Hello again, welcome back to my studio development blog series. This time round we will be focusing not only on the development progress of the projects I am undertaking as part of studio 2 but also on the development of my craft. Projects and other practical work is a great way to further myself within my chosen areas but also I want to use this medium to help show other resources and research that goes into the skills that I develop over this series.

My goal for the next 13 weeks is, simply, to get better at what I do and focus on getting great at the things I enjoy most, that is, the 3D modelling/sculpting pipeline including texturing and creating materials. More than that I want to improve my workflow. Often I find myself just diving headlong into an idea without creating the proper frameworks for it to succeed as well as I would like it to.

I want to build good work habits and a strong workflow, from concept development right through to a finished, textured model.

To that end I am going to focus on furthering my skills in these areas: concept art, 3D asset creation via a industry standard sculpting and texturing pipeline.

I would like to learn some more industry standard programs to help me achieve these goals, most prominently Quixel Suit 2.

I have some projects in mind to help me achieve these goals.

Till next time…



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