Studio 2 Development Blog 3

Welcome back to another instalment of my Studio Development blog series. Today I want to talk about my progress on projects I am currently working on and some of the research I have been doing regarding Unreal Engine 4.

So last time I spoke about how my 3D meshes needed to be prepared better for use within the Quixel Suite and more generally for texturing. Moving forward from there I have created a steampunk style top-hat with goggles to match. Below you can see an early screenshot of it from within Quixel with basic materials applied to various parts of the mesh.


And here you can see what it was like in a basic setting in UE4 (Unreal Engine 4) after some tweaks to the materials.


Overall I have to say that I am happy with the outcome of this particular asset. I found that I had much better use of UV space with a more comprehensive use of texel density across the mesh.

Once in Unreal it became apparent how horrendously lacking my knowledge of the program is. Considering that the output for one of my projects must be rendered from UE4 I have decided to look into creating the effects I need and want to achieve within the engine.

This shows the use of some of the tools within UE4 to achieve some really nice looking water surfaces, but again having all of the information laid out before me made it feel like I was only beginning to scratch the surface of the capabilities of the program. With this in mind I would like to dedicate some of my time to learning more about creating such dynamic effects, materials and objects within UE4 which will allow me to more effectively achieve my goals, one of which is to figure out a dynamic environment systems including water, clouds and lighting systems which will help me better showcase my assets.

Short and sweet today.

As always,

Thank you and Till next time…


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