Studio 2 Development Blog 6

Welcome back.

Today we are going to talk about a few things. Firstly I want to discuss an asset I have made for a project I am working on. After that we will talk a bit more about a personal project I am working on and finally we will touch on another project I have been approached about.

I’ll start with pictures.

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These are some screenshots of some assets I have made that I have then taken into UE4. The process I went through to create this asset was fairly straightforward. It started with research into the chosen style of the project (steampunk), some concept art for the project (to solidify the feel of the project), modelled the assets in 3DS Max, created a high-poly version of the assets, baked out Normal and Ambient Occlusion maps, took the assets and baked maps into Quixel Suite to finish texturing the assets, exported the finished materials in an appropriate format for the desired output for the project (Unreal Engine 4) and then imported the assets into UE4 to ensure they were working as intended and scaled correctly.

Overall I was quite happy with the outcomes of this process. There were not a great deal of issues with creating this asset, the most memorable ones were figuring out ways to save time unwrapping the asset and properly adding geometry where necessary when applying modifiers to generate the high poly asset. There were a few artefacts in the AO map but when I finished applying materials to the asset they aren’t noticeable and actually add to the effect and feel of the materials.

When researching this project, the key for me, was to really try and solidify my understanding of the style of the project. I am not overly familiar with the steampunk style and aesthetic so exposing myself to successful versions of the style was important. The movie Steamboy was a great resource along with our teams concept art and mood board.

*Note for Studio 2 Facilitators – Aforementioned information pertains to ANM220.LO01*

Next on the agenda is a look at some concept art I am working on for a personal project of mine.


This is a screenshot of a work in progress art piece for a personal project of mine, it’s not in my usual style, or even really in the exact style or feel of the project I am working on. However as an exercise in digital painting and experimentation with style I have to say its a relative success. I have tried to capture a more traditional painting feeling, more brush strokes rather than my usual clean lines and blended colours. My plan is to create this and a few other versions of something similar until I get a more accurate feel of the project. That being said I feel like one of my weak points is creating landscapes that feel believable so I am experimenting trying to find a good way to portray my scenes.

Lastly I want to touch on a project that a good friend of mine is working on. He is just shy of completing a duel degree in engineering and science and has concepted the idea of affordable, self-sustainable modular housing. I suggested that his project could benefit from an architectural pre-visualisation of the design.

In the near future I will be beginning the planning stages of the project and proposing it to the client for approval.

More information regarding the project can be found here:


Thank you and as always,

Till next time,

James Day – 1002467



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