Studio 2 Development Blog 7

Welcome, welcome.

Today I just want to update you on my progress on a few of the projects I am working on and do a brief discussion on composition regarding digital painting, specifically regarding my personal project.

Firstly I want to talk about  the ‘Rapid Reboot’ project I am a part of. Banjo

This is a screenshot of an asset I have created for this project. It’s a medium poly character with his backpack. The idea of the project is to create a teaser trailer with a very limited time budget. With this in mind our group planned out the shots we would need and decided that there was no need to put legs on him as you wouldn’t see them in the trailer.

Second I wanted to share some environment work I have been doing in UE4 for the ‘Aftermath’ project I am working on. Credit where credit is due, I am only assembling the environment, the assets were created by a 3rd party who has generously made them available for use with UE4.


It’s just a quick assembly of assets that have been modified and arranged to suit the project with some added particle effects and an exponential height fog. Helps to give atmospheric depth to the composition and gives a limited field of view limiting the required size of the environment while still making it aesthetically pleasing (also without the environment appearing to just end).

Lastly I want to touch on the personal project I am working on. Recently within my studies we had a tutorial focused on composition, lighting and digital painting. Large topics but what was covered has greatly helped to increase the quality of my concept art.

The following is a work in progress block out for some concept art I am working on, it is also an iteration on a piece shown in an earlier post in the development blog series.


It is focusing on composition at the current stage, giving both the major and minor focal points enough space to be interesting on their own. Using tonal values to separate the foreground, middle ground, background and focal points of the piece. It might be an ambitious piece for someone as inexperienced as I am with concept art and digital painting but I am also trying to use tonal value of the focal points to help communicate key ideas of the subject matter. My concern with this piece compositionally is that I have a major and minor focal point, the major focal point sits in the foreground (something I haven’t seen very often). Generally from what I have seen of successful illustration and concept art the main focal point sits in the middle ground of the piece, however for the sake of communicating more to the more attuned viewer I have chosen the layout I have. If successful I feel like it will make for a very strong piece of art, however with my lack of experience in the area it could also turn out a disaster.

Anyway, that’s an update on where I am currently with the projects I am working on.

Stay tuned to more updates, I am trying to get them out more frequently, somehow always ends up being about every 5 days though.

Till next time,

James Day – 1002467



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