Studio 2 Development Blog 9

Welcome back,

Today we will be continuing the post-mortem of the Rapid Reboot project. Below is a refresher of the final product we managed to produce.

*Note for studio 2 facilitators – The following information pertains to ANM220.LO02*

For this project we teamed up with 2 talented audio students who did the sound track and some of the sound effects in our animation. Unfortunately due to some breakdowns in communication some sound effects were embedded into the audio track and required us to adjust our animation timing to suit the audio rather than being able to drop in the sound effects at an appropriate time. That being said, I believe the audio we used for this project was successful in conveying the feeling that we wanted to achieve. Additionally, regardless of the difficulties we faced, we were also able to sync the sound effects to our animation to help give a more cohesive feel to the project and better convey the action that was taking place within our animation.

To be able to create the animation used within this short we had to no only create the 3D models but also rig them so we could manipulate them into the required poses.

*Note for studio 2 facilitators – The following information pertains to ANM220.LO03*

Although I did not rig our character in our final product, that was done by our exceptionally talented group leader, Kynan, I did create and produce another character that was intended to be in the final product. Originally we were going to include some animation showing a teaser of Banjo, the other character from the popular franchise. Unfortunately due to the tight time constraints and our over-scoping of the project we had to cut his scene from the final animation. Below is a video showing my revamped model of Banjo and his rig in use.

A note on this – Due to the tight time constraints of the project, if something didn’t need to be done we avoided doing to so we could use that time to work on other required assets, this is why Banjo has no legs, as the shots he was intended for would never have included them, I didn’t take the time to make them.


*Note for studio 2 facilitators – The following information pertains to ANM220.LO10*

As there was a lot of work to be done and quite a large team working on this project, it was inevitable that different people would be working on different assets. With that being the case it is important that we maintain an overarching visual style in order to keep the production looking cohesive across all assets.

Within the production we had several people working on different 3D assets, different people again texturing those assets and some of the team created 2D matte paintings for the background.

To ensure all of the assets were going to feel like they belonged in the same scene we made the choice that one person was going to assemble the scenes and set up all of the lighting which helped to give a similar tone to all of the assets. Our environmental assets were all textured using the Quixel suite which ensured that they were all quite similar in nature. Additionally we chose quite a stylized visual for our main character and thus we also used a quite stylized style for our matte paintings to help tie them in together. The choice to making our character so stylized was in part due to time constraints and in part because it would help to build nostalgia within our viewer while making him “pop” off of the 3D set.

With that I will conclude the post-mortem of the Rapid Reboot project.

Thank you for taking the time to reflect on this project with me.

As always, thank you and till next time.

James Day – 1002467


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