Studio 2 Development Blog 10

Welcome back,

Today will just be a quick update on a few things that I am working on.

Firstly an update on the Aftermath project. I went a little crazy modelling for this one, I had a lot of fun and subsequently may have done more than I should have but it was great.


So the first one is the first iteration of the design which then got retopologised and refined into the second image. Finally after that I modelled on some turbines, each one has 3 sets of blades that can be individually rotated to bring it to life a little more.

Second I want to provide a quick update on where I am at with the concept art for one of the personal projects I am working on.


As you can see it has come a long way from what it was a few blogs back. I unfortunately don’t have the time I would like to work on it and it still has a long way to go. At the moment I am in the process of cleaning up each element’s basic line-work and trying to get the value and hue of each more appropriate. As it stands I feel like the overall feel of the image is warmer than I would like but that might change as I get more done.


Anyway, I better get back to it. Today was short and sweet, I’ll have something more substantial for you soon. Thank you and as always,

Till next time,

James Day – 1002467


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