Studio 3 Development Blog 3

Welcome back to another instalment of my Studio 3 blogs.

Today I want to talk about some of the research I have been doing and some of the difficulties I have encountered so far and how I plan on overcoming those.

So firstly I have started looking into how to light my scenes and other generally-accepted-to-be good practices for lighting. Before I get into what I have started to learn I want to talk a little bit about why I want to learn this.

At the end of my Studio 2 experience, what I have become aware of the lack of presentation skills and general appeal in my work. From what I have gathered, I have managed to gather quite a lot of technical skills through my studies but it lacks a certain something. So my goals this time around are to improve on these noted areas that are lacking in my skill set.

Simply put, I want to create a great showreel at the end of this unit. To do that I think that if I can present my models well, polished models that is, not just nice looking meshes but assets that are ready to be used. Additionally I want to learn a little about motion graphics for the introduction and transitions within my showreel.

Further on this, I have a tendency to dive straight into complex projects. Gives me a nice high bar to strive for, but it often makes me feel like I don’t achieve my goals as much as I would like. To improve on this I want to take up creating a lot of smaller objects to a great level of projects. The goal is a ‘Kit’ that I can pull pieces from to help create the more complex projects faster and more streamline.

Back to the lighting topic, I have learned that the most common form of lighting is what is called 3 point lighting. It features a key light (the primary light source), a fill light (one used so the shadows of the key light aren’t completely dark) and the back light/rim light (used to frame the silhouette and help the object pop from the background).

That is a quick run down of where I am currently at.

As always,

Till next time,

James Day – 1002467


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