Studio 3 Development Blog 5 – A New Start

Welcome back,

I am aware that it has been quite some time, and for that I am sorry.

Today is to be an update on where I am at and what I have been doing these past days and where I am currently at in regards to studio 3.

I’ve been finding it difficult to find my stride, my rhythm this trimester. I’m not 100% sure why, I still spend ample time working on my projects, just feel like that time is not as productive as it should be and that things are taking longer and not turning out as good as I would like them to. It has been quite difficult to attain the bar I set for myself.

A potential cause for this problem that I have identified is that I perhaps burnt myself out through studio 2 where I worked ceaselessly to try to do the best I could and then we only had a 2 week turn-around between then and now.

To help avoid that compiling further I must make sure to have a healthy balance between all aspects of my life.

While this has affected my work for a little while now, it seems that for whatever reason I have been unable to snap out of it. Not too long ago I resolved to fix the issue. From my experience, all it takes it to get the ball rolling and you will find that it picks up and maintains momentum quite quickly.

So today is the start of that. With the help of regular ‘To-Do’ lists where ticking off items gives a real sense of accomplishment and a visual way to mark the distance you have travelled, I plan to get the ball rolling quite quickly. A little incentive (treating myself to something nice, if I achieve a particularly lofty goal in a short enough time, 14 days from today to be precise) and small enough steps mapped out so it’s not like facing off against a particularly daunting task all in one go and a great deal of self-discipline and I should be back on track in no time.

That being said I would like to take a look at what I have achieved so far.

First lets have a look at the current previs for the world-builders project.


This is a screenshot from within unreal engine 4 of the bridge to ‘the white city’ as interpreted by my team from the descriptions within the novel “Darksiders: the abomination vault”.

The shot I plan on creating is roughly what is seen above. There have been a few issues that have arisen during the project that I will elaborate further on in the post mortem blog to follow the completion of the project.

As it stands however there is still a city to construct behind the walls and some nice atmospheric effects to help give a sense of the environment we are trying to create.

Next we shall briefly talk about a model I am making as part of my specialisation project. The goal is to create a really nice set of models I can use to experiment with lighting and presentation of my work. The inspiration for the set is the anime series “hellsing”.

Quite a few of my class-mates have been creating models of guns from either video games or real life and trying to replicate them in 3D, with varying degrees of success (some are astoundingly good). While previously I have focused on organic models I am trying to focus on hard surface and it has been suggested to me that I also model a gun. I am not super keen on doing something that so many others are doing but I am also aware of the potential learning that I can achieve from such an endeavour and so I have put my own spin on the task.

I am stepping away from taking something real or 3D and replicating it. My goal is to create Alucard’s pistols – Jackal and Casull, purely from compiling reference images from the anime itself and trying to recreate them as a PBR 3D model, something that is believable and realistically detailed rather than its 2D, animated counterparts.

There are a host of technical difficulties that I have encountered in creating Casull (the first of the pair) which I shall go over in more detail in a more dedicated blog post.

Additionally to these I have jumped on board with a stuido 1 games team as part of my cross-discipline work for the semester. They are creating a board game and require me to create 2 ship models that they are to 3D print as character pieces for the game.

So that is a run down of where I am currently at with studio 3.

Thank you for listening to it all and sorry it has been so long since the last instalment, I promise the next will be much more prompt.

As always,

Till next time,

James Day – 1002467


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