Studio 3 Development Blog 6

Hello, hello,

Today I would like to talk about the cross discipline project that I have been working on recently. A little while ago I jumped on board a Stuido 1 Game’s team who were creating a board game. There game is called Renegade, the idea is that the players are to move through the board, it is a 3 player game where one is a renegade and the other two are attempting to catch him. If the renegade reaches the end first he wins, if either of the other two players finishes first they win. There are various game mechanics to help balance the two teams in terms of which team wins at what rate.

They required me to create a model of a ship to be used as a playing piece. They gave me some reference images and general goals for the look of the ship. I was not provided with a size for the ship or for any restrictions on poly count or texture map sizes. Their intention was to have the ship 3D printed. From my experience with the process (a friend of mine has one and has some genius plans for it’s use) I know that they have a limited printing area and so a large model would be unsuitable. Further more it is a playing piece so something similar to a monopoly piece was in order.

Based on the reference image and descriptions I produced the following model.


A little later I found out one of the other animators withdrew and so the team needed someone to create another ship for them. Based on a different concept image and due to time constraints I took the liberty to modify the above model to something more similar to the 3rd design they had in mind and this is the result.


Something much more decayed and broken looking.

So far after turnover I have heard no ill words from the team regarding the work and thus am lead to believe that I have succeeded in completing their task.

Thank you and as always,

Till next time,

James Day – 1002467


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