Studio 3 Development Blog 12

Today I just want to cover what I now want to focus on after completing studio 3.

In studio 2 I focused on organic sculpting techniques and began the transition to PBR shaders. In studio 3 I focused on hard surface modelling, lighting and continued to increase my knowledge of PBR shaders.

Now that I have moved on from studio I want to start pursuing what I am really interested in, which is character and creature creation. Over studio 2 and 3 I made sure that I was choosing topics that I could learn that I could one day consolidate and put to use later down the track.

Later down the track is now!

Moving forward I want to really focus on honing my organic and hard surface modelling techniques, particularly with regard to sculpting characters and creatures.

As a key part of homogenising the organic and hard surface pipelines I want to make the transition from Autodesk’s Mudbox to Pixel Logic’s Z-Brush as it is the industry standard sculpting program and it has much more powerful tools for hard surface sculpting.

To help progress my knowledge in these areas and as I find the initial learning of Z-Brush to have a very steep learning curve (due to a very un-intuitive UI) I am utilising self directed learning techniques including the use of as many tutorials as I can find on the topic.

Once I have decoded how to use Z-Brush effectively the next step is just practice.

Below are samples of the tutorials I have been using.

So to wrap up, the key focus for where I want to go now with what I have learned in studio 3 and prior studies combined, is transitioning from mudbox to Z-brush and incorporating both organic and hard surface techniques to create appealing characters and creatures for use within either animation or games. Applying these techniques and combining them in a way that will really help me to bring up the overall level of polish and appeal my work has.

Thank you and till next time,

James Day – 1002467


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